Bible Studies

Our Adult Classes for the 3rd quarter of 2021 are:

"Israel Returns Home:  Survey of Ezra-Nehemiah-Esther-Haggai-Zechariah-Malachi"


Auditorium Class Taught by Michael Ray:

We will study the importance of the return of the Jewish nation to the soil of the promised land.  Why is this part of Bible history so important?  And what is there for us to learn 2500 years later?



"Built By God"

Classrom Class Taught by Kyle Blevins and Bryan McDonald

How important is your family?  What are you willing to do to make your family stable and functional?  Are you willing to work hard, long hours?  Are you willing to rise early and stay up late to accomplish goals?  Will you pursue education, material goods, comfort and recreations for your family?

The real question is this:  is having a stable and functional family important enough to allow the Lord to build your home?  That will be the focus of this class, discovering the ways that a family whose foundation is built upon the Lord can weather the storms and trials of life.


Please join us Sundays at 9:30AM and Wednesdays at 7:00PM.

Replays of our adult Bible classes can be found on our YouTube page:  

For more information about our Adult Classes, or to receive material, please email us.



At Southside, we are glad to offer classes for children of all ages - beginning as soon as infants are able to sit alone, all the way through high school. 

Junior High & High School Classes

Living in the world today is very difficult.  At Southside, young people are provided Bible instruction to help them better understand Bible basics, as well as, how they can apply those Biblical principles to their lives today.    

Opportunities are also available to young men to participate in the worship services and for all youth to have the opportunity to participate in the age-appropriate classes. Congregation members are given the opportunity to participate as leaders in classes to help young people understand and apply what they learn in the Bible.