Bible Studies

Our Adult Classes for the 1st quarter of 2022 are:

"Grace:  God’s Power To Overcome Sin"

Auditorium Class Taught by Kyle Blevins & Luke Haile

Today can you rest confidently on the statement, I am saved! Are you? If you were to die today, if Christ returned at just this moment, what would happen? Do you know? Are you confident, or do doubts enter your mind?

That is what this class is all about! If you want the power to overcome sin because you realize, maybe after years of trying, you haven’t been able to and simply cannot on your own, then this class is for you!


"One Another Christianity"

Classrom Class Taught by Ron Cimala


Please join us Sundays at 9:30AM and Wednesdays at 7:00PM.

Replays of our adult Bible classes can be found on our YouTube page:  

For more information about our Adult Classes, or to receive material, please email us.



At Southside, we are glad to offer classes for children of all ages - beginning as soon as infants are able to sit alone, all the way through high school. 

Junior High & High School Classes

Living in the world today is very difficult.  At Southside, young people are provided Bible instruction to help them better understand Bible basics, as well as, how they can apply those Biblical principles to their lives today.    

Opportunities are also available to young men to participate in the worship services and for all youth to have the opportunity to participate in the age-appropriate classes. Congregation members are given the opportunity to participate as leaders in classes to help young people understand and apply what they learn in the Bible.