Declarations in the Bible

The Bible declares that there is a God, and that there is a devil — Satan (Genesis 1.1; Acts 17.24; 1 Chronicles 21.1; Zechariah 3.1; Revelation 12.9-10). Their goals are mutual: both want your soul (1 Timothy 2.4; 2 Peter 3.9; 1 Peter 5.8)! Satan portrays himself as God, but God never portrays himself as Satan (2 Thessalonians 2.3-12). God encourages discussion and investigation of his words. Satan calls this vanity (Isaiah 1.18; 41.1; 43.26; Romans 1.21; 2 Kings 17.15; Jeremiah 2.5; Ephesians 4.17-18). God has never and will never deceive you to solicit your service (Titus 1.2; 2 Timothy 2.13; Hebrews 6.28), but Satan always has and always will deceive you for the same purpose (John 8.44). 

Some in the Bible called the Son of God Satan, and some called Satan God (John 19.20; Revelation 14.9,11). There is truth and there is error (1 Timothy 4.1; 1 John 4.6). Both God and Satan have angels, apostles, ministers, and servants (Matthew 25.41; 2 Corinthians 11.13,15; Romans 6.16). Therefore, the their ministers’ preaching bears many similarities, but there is one major difference: one proclaims truth. There is only one gospel message (Galatians 1.6-9). 

Both God and Satan have motives for advancing their message. The one with a message of error always gives himself away, and always in the same manner — by imitation of the one with a message of truth. The ones with error imitate the ones with truth, but the ones with the truth never imitate the ones with the error (Jeremiah 2.13; 12.16; Galatians 2.14). The ones with the error advance their cause by force, intimidation, and deceit. Those with the truth promote their cause through honesty and patient overtness (Jeremiah 8.8; Proverbs 7.5; 2 Corinthians 4.2; 6.7; 2 Timothy 4.20. Likewise, some call Satan’s ministers “gospel preachers” and “gospel preachers” ministers of Satan. In doing so, their true nature and true love are revealed (John 3.19-21; Matthew 10.24-25; John 8.39; 2 Thessalonians 2.10).