The Slavery of Hatred

The moment you start hating someone, you become his slave. He controls your thoughts, invades your dreams, absorbs your creativity, and determines your appetite. He affects your indigestion, robs you of your peace of mind and goodwill, and takes away the pleasure of your work. He ruins your religion, nullifies your prayers, and you can’t enjoy a vacation anymore.

He destroys your freedom of mind, and he hounds you wherever you go. You cannot get away from the man you hate. He is with you when you wake, and he invades your privacy when you eat. He is close beside you while you drive your car, affects your attitude on the job, and distracts your mind so that you can have neither efficiency nor happiness.

He influences even your tone of voice when you speak to your boss, your wife, or your child. He requires you to take medicine for indigestion, headaches, and loss of energy. He steals your last moments of consciousness before you go to sleep.

You want to be a slave for somebody? Go find some person - and hate him.