Garage Sale

ONE CLOSET: Designed for prayer; never used.

ONE BIBLE: Like new; seldom used; bargain.

ONE CROSS: Nearly new; I cannot bear it and keep up with the worldly crowd with whom I run.

ONE TALENT: New, except for being slightly ship-worn; has been laid up for years.

ONE SUIT OF ARMOR: Five pieces in all; for the original description, see Ephesians 6.13-17. All pieces in fine condition; never dented; not a scratch. However, it needs polishing badly.

ONE BADLY USED TESTIMONY: The only thing for sale in poor condition. Buyer may be able to put back into a respectable state of repair with some effort.

ONE (LOST) OPPORTUNITY: If found, will be included. However, no hope is held out at this time, for the owner believes it to be lost forever.

REASON FOR SELLING: Owner being called home.

PLEASE NOTE: All items are located on the corner of Neglect Boulevard and Careless Avenue in basement under a pile of filthy rags.

Signed: Many a Christian