A Knotting Fear

Nothing keeps your faith from increasing as much as worry. Fact is, worry decreases faith almost the the point of nonexistence. Worry causes us to take our eyes off of God as quickly as any other worldly attraction. The list of things over which people worry is longer than the space on this page, but worry does not change anything. All worry does is tie up things in KNOTS.

When our lives are tied up in knots, we feel tied to our circumstances or situations. We are worried about how long it will last. We are afraid and worried about what could, might, did, or will happen.

Someone defined worry as “inefficient thought moving in a circle around a pivot of fear.” It is true we worry about what we fear and are afraid of the things about which we worry. Fear and worry are like a magnifying glass. They make seemingly small objects and circumstances seem giant and insurmountable. Whether it is worry or fear, both have replaced the faith we should demonstrate in our lives. Rather than saying, “I believe,” worry brings us to say, “What if?” Doubt becomes our foundation. Confusion becomes our chief advisor.

This is how Satan wants you to feel. Rather than basing your life upon the troubles of the future, turn your attention to Matthew 6.26-34 and Hebrews 13.5.

Jesus said, “And which of you  being anxious can add one cubit unto the measure of his life?” (Matthew 6.27). We cannot change the course of life. Murmuring or soaking yourself in anxiety does not cause trouble to evaporate. Accept and follow the work God gives you to do (Philippians 2.12-13). Whatever you cannot change, have the wisdom to let God handle it (1 Peter 5.7). The burdens we have become lighter in the Lord’s hands. Make sure you leave those burdens with Him. Do not take them back.

The reason you leave the difficulties of life, which you cannot change, with God is because He hung the stars. He raises the sun. He causes the wind to blow. He gives you air to breathe. He is more than able to handle your most troubling worry. He is eager to take it. Wisdom says trust Him with it and be comfortable doing so. When you do, watch your faith grow, your strength increase, and your love abound. As that happens, watch how dependable God can be (Proverbs 3.5-10).