Human Desire Overrules Spiritual Need

In Judges 14.1-4, Samson comes to his parents telling them he has found a wife among the “daughters of the Philistines.” Much to his parents’ dismay, they ask him if there is not a woman “among all my people” rather than choose from among the Philistines. Samson responds by saying, “Get her for me; for she pleaseth me well.” 

Self-control is a supreme quality for any leader, but Samson has a sudden, impulsive, and unreasonable passion for a woman among a people who knew not God. Godly self-control was lost and personal lust took control. His whole life pivoted on this decision. It meant connection with the idolatrous and sensual life of the Philistines. There would be no spiritual agreement between the two sides of the family. Moral principles would be compromised. There would be discord in raising children. Trust in pride would overrule spiritual discipline. Pleasing self and others would take precedent over pleasing God. Samson did not consider the consequences when he made his choice.

There are lessons to be learned here. It is a caution to all parents concerning the alliances they allow and encourage their children to make with others. Your children’s choice of a mate will come from among those with whom they associate most. That choice of a mate will influence them spiritually, relationally, and physically. It will happen, and spiritual self-control is a virtue parents need to have first then guide their children to have.

We should be soberly impressed and understand the impact of others on us and the influence we exert on others.

Can we not understand the benefits and dangers associated with those with whom we surround ourselves? Several passages from Psalm 119.63 to Proverbs 13.20 to 1 Corinthians 15.33 to 2 Corinthians 6.14-18 instruct us concerning the influence of others. The implication is that our influence will be the same upon them. It is not always when we are trying to impress others that we impress the most. We are observed when we are not thinking about it. Others are not conscious  of our observance of them either. People are able to detect whether we are real of whether there is a secret we are trying to conceal. We can begin to think like others as they begin to think like us.

Therefore, we have a responsibility which must be given neither to chance nor to self-confidence. The people with whom we associate become our mates, our coworkers, our neighbors, and fellow church members. We can subtly find ourselves compromising our principles, excusing our beliefs, or forsaking our convictions. Do not ever think the influence of another will not cause you to exalt human desire over spiritual need!

The road to influence is the highway of duty and loyalty. Jesus displayed a character that enabled Him to grow in favor with God and man (Luke 2.52). Let us then abide in Christ. “Abide in Me, and I in you: as the branch cannot bear fruit of itself except it abide in the vine, so neither can ye, except ye abide in Me” (John 15.4). Allowing Jesus to influence us can help in determining what influence others have on us and what influence we have on others.

Here is something to remember about Samson’s choices. God “sought an occasion against the Philistines” (v. 4). Through this seemingly ill-advised marriage, God would serve HIs purpose against the Philistines. His will prevailed as it always does.

God allows us to make decisions. You and I will make choices which in some ay and in some time will reveal God’s divine, everlasting, and eternal wisdom. Your choice may go against His desires and bring consequences you never knew would come. Your choice can bless you beyond what you could have ever thought possible. If you take a look and read James 3.13-18, you can understand the difference between the wisdom of the world versus the wisdom from above. The outcome is different. The results are not the same. Those results have been evident in the past and are repeated in time as recently as last week. You, your family, your brethren, and many others would do well to know the character in the passage above which comes from selfish wisdom versus spiritual wisdom. 

God showed us through the choices of Samson an occasion where one soul who turns away from the way of holiness can lead more people who are already evil to physical and spiritual destruction. That is what we could do if we chose to live and abide with ungodly people. When we lose our faith, others never know God. We can become their associates and partners in losing our lives physically and spiritually. Would you want that on your record when you meet God in the judgment?

Be the one who duplicates the image of God in your life and lead others to do the same.