What is Jesus Trying to Do in Your Life?

JESUS is not trying to separate you from your money, but He is trying to keep money from separating you from God.

JESUS is not trying to make you leave the country because of its immorality and wickedness, but He is trying to get you to be the “salt of the earth” (Matthew 5.13).

JESUS does not try to pick out your friends or spouse. He is wanting fellowship with you in order to place you among those who have the same spiritual values and doctrinal beliefs. From among those people called brethren are the best relationships a person can find: Godly friends and a godly spouse.

JESUS is not trying to rob your life of priorities. He is trying to motivate you to put priorities into your life.

JESUS is not trying to take you away from your relationships with others. He wants to mold you into the person who will be good for your relationships.

JESUS was not trying to boast when He died on the cross, nor was He holding His perfect righteousness above mankind. JESUS wants us to know He feels our infirmities and wants us to come to Him (Hebrews 4.15-16).

JESUS is not coming back to “put you in your place.” He will return hoping you have placed your life in HIs hands in obedience and commitment and to bring you to a prepared place - heaven.