Zealous for a Cause

Kentucky fans are ecstatic in Rupp Arena. The same is true with people who attend a Rascal Flats concert or the first showing of a movie. The opening of a theme park draws a crowd, and people anticipate the newest season of their favorite TV show. They are “carried away,” we say. Few ever care about how cold or hot it is. You do not have to tell their voice or their face to be zealous like you would some students in a speech class, whose speech is sometimes lacking in confidence and enthusiasm.

The evidence of the zealous spirit of those who attend these games and concerts is to see them get there and stand in line minutes and hours before the doors to the event open. They hurry to find their seats, and will often stay until the end, or even later. Some have to be driven out of the stadium or arena for the staff to clean up. They do not want to miss the first minute or the last second. Get as close as possible, and in the movies, they never go to the bathroom.

The point is, these people are involved! They are so involved, they know the players, coaches, team history, songs recorded, etc. Their involvement is contagious. It is noticeable. Others may want to know more about why they are so zealous for this team, concert, or event.

The worship assemblies in Corinth had to be spirited where Christians who were blessed with spiritual gifts were involved in the worship. If the unlearned came to an assembly, would they think those Christians were mad or reverent? Involved or indifferent (1 Corinthians 14.23)?

In our assembly to worship, are we involved? For God and against the enemy - Satan? People who come here should see everyone is involved in worship. Can someone tell you are glad to be assembled to worship? Is it clear by what you say, the way you dress, how you behave, and your spirit (John 4.23-24)?

If a group of spectators can be zealously involved in an event which will last about two or three hours, are we not “filled with spirit” (Ephesians 5.18) every day, especially in a worship assembly?

It is impressively sad. The happiness and love people have for these events of the world is unashamedly expressed in these terms: “Hey, I got stoned last weekend!” “Let me show you where we were last night!” “You missed a terrific event!”

Where then is the zeal of the righteous? Psalm 122.1 says, “I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go unto the house of Jehovah.” We need the same zeal as an assembly of saints ready to worship our God, our King, and our Savior. Speak of its glory. Talk about its edification. Mention its blessings. Utter words of praise for having attended and been involved in such an opportunity. Be zealous for the cause - GOD!