Is Holy Off Limits?

A 12-year-old boy was curious about the Bible his dad was given when he retired from the paper mill. It came in a special cedar box marked “The Holy Bible.” He assumed the word “holy” meant it was off-limits to him. That thought made peering into the box and Bible more curious. The young boy went ahead and looked inside. In the center of the Bible was a picture of Jesus hanging on the cross, along with the words of John 3.16. There was also a see-through red film covering the page, which the boy assumed meant Jesus bled and died. Occasionally, when no one else was around, he would gently pull “The Holy Bible” off the shelf, open the box, look at the picture of Jesus on the cross, read the verse, and wonder about this man and why He died. The boy wondered if His love was meant for him, or if it too was off limits.

Does “holy” represent something untouchable to you? Are you afraid if you got near something holy it would curse or scar you for the rest of your life? Do you feel you might be plagued? This may be part of the fear some have about the Bible or those who follow what is holy and righteous. They do not want to get too close. We should understand that God wants the unholy and sinner to touch and be touched by the Bible and its message which has appeared, enabling all men to “live soberly and righteously and godly in this present world” (Titus 2.12).

God wants us to experience the salvation which comes from touching by faith the holy blood of Christ (1 Peter 1.18-20). Jesus came that we might have our greatest fear in sin, not the holiness of God. Turn the pages of scripture and read the holy message of God. See where it can provide you the power to save and purify your soul in obedience (1 Peter 1.22).

Do not let holiness make you believe it is off limits. We should be thankful the Bible and God’s love are meant for unholy people like you and me.