Some More Thoughts on Motherhood

Thinking about motherhood is hard for me since I am not a mother. What is not hard for me is to see the challenges faced by every mother who is a Christian:

The challenge of selflessness. Philippians 2.15 speaks of joy and consolation to those who look to “the things of others.” Mothers soon learn, without being told, about giving up for another. Being a mother brings to reality the experience of “pouring herself” into the complete service of another.

The challenge of looking ahead. Hannah gave thought in advance about her son, long before she conceived Samuel (1 Samuel 1.11). Her decision was to give him to the Lord. Satan confronts mothers every day to weaken their faith and allow their children to be addicted to pleasure, fashion, wealth, or immorality. Mothers need to fight hard to keep the hearts of their children pure (Matthew 5.8; 2 Corinthians 10.3-5).

The challenge of preventing rebellion. Disciplining children is about saving their souls (Proverbs 23.13-14). Question is, does your child know the “rules” at your house, or do you make them up as you go? The first rule should be, “In this house, we obey Jesus Christ.” Every rule after that should be based on the first. Never fear losing the favor of your children when you discipline them. You will be loved and respected more if you choose to value their souls more than you value having a “peaceful day.”

The challenge of priorities. Matthew 6.33 best illustrates priority. Do not wait for a life-threatening moment to spend the right time doing the right thing (Ephesians 5.15-16)! Put time in with God to gain knowledge and instruction before time for other things, and your time with family will be well spent. Do not let priority be a mental thought or vocal concern. Love it. Live it.

With all these challenges, one thing is certain. Motherhood is a treasured experience.