Love Does Not...

Love does not rejoice in iniquity” (1 Corinthians 13:6). What is the application? Great care should be given to avoid triumphing in the sins of others.

Many times what we hear of another’s sinful conduct is usually gossip. Even if the report is true, it should never be taken with delight. If we rejoice in someone else’s sin, then we do not love the person.

If you catch your mate, a neighbor, or a Christian doing something wrong, do you injure them? Do you report them to their spouse or the elders of the church? Why would you gossip about someone’s sin? I must understand reporting the news of someone’s sin is sin. It is sin if I am taking joy in taking this “good news” to the ears of others. It is not “good news” to go pointing out the imperfection of others. That is not love.

Think about the woman in 1 Peter 3:1-2. Do you believe she desires to insult her husband more by broadcasting his unbelief? She does not rejoice in her husband’s sin. She desires for him to be a Christian. Therefore love does not draw attention to one’s faults or failings. The weakness of your mate or others is not for public knowledge.

We may think, “He only got what he deserved” or “Someone needs to know.” The person who needs to know is the one in the sin, not those who have no part in it.

Sin has never been a laughing matter, and love is what motivates us to help pick up those who have fallen. Place yourself in the position of one whose sin has been devastating. Would you rather someone first be quick to help you or be glad they told someone else what you did? Love is true and righteous. Love desires those in iniquity to follow the truth. Practice James 5:19-20. The soul in sin will be glad you did.