"Try It! You'll Like It!"

There has probably been a time where someone asked you or you asked someone to eat a particular food by saying, “Try it! You’ll like it! It’s good for you!” This same exhortation is what we wish to challenge you with regarding the Bible. “Try it! You’ll like it! It’s good for you!”

The Bible provides knowledge unsurpassed by any other book. You will find within it a richness you have never experienced. It contains a treasure worth more than all the things you own or will ever own. To reap such benefits, the Bible has to be something for which you hunger. Hunger for the Bible is not a “checklist” of things to do. Hunger for scripture is coming to the source of fulfillment, to meet God, and to have Him transform your life (Matthew 5:6). If you had that type of hunger, no one would have to cajole, force, or “sweet-talk” you into reading the Bible. You would want to get into it.

Try feeding someone who is not hungry or try feeding someone something they do not like. Tough, is it not? There are many who treat God’s word the same way (1 Corinthians 3:1-3). They have other things in their lives they hunger for more than what God wants for them. Therefore, they cannot hear and do not want to hear or read what God’s plan is for them. If we only had a hunger for the word. If we only tried it. What a difference it would make. The more you “delight” (Psalm 1:2) in the Bible, the more you will see the changes in your life that are sacred, honorable, and holy. Reading the Bible today could be the first time you begin to understand why that book is on your desk, in your house, on your computer, and why we are discussing it in this message. “Try it! You’ll like it! It’s good for you!”