I Am With You Always

Jesus said these words to His apostles after giving them a noble responsibility and before He ascended into heaven with God (Matthew 28:19-20). Have those same words ever come from your lips to your spouse’s heart?

Those words are not just “ceremony words” repeated as vows during a wedding. It is an utterance of a heart full of devotion and attachment. They are much like what Paul said about sending Timothy to the Philippians in Philippians 2:20: “For I have no man likeminded, who will care truly for your welfare.” Paul knew Timothy was reliable, determined, and trustworthy.

Soldiers on battlefields have made similar commitments to fellow comrades. Athletes have boldly stated these words to teammates. Christians have often “been there” for other brethren, whether circumstances were joyful or sad. How sad, though, that some spouses have watched their mates walk away from them when situations in their marriage were difficult! In many instances, spouses have walked away from their mates emotionally before they physically left.

Does your spouse believe you will stay with him or her? Have you vocally and actively shown your loyalty to your spouse? Will you stay with them and will they stay with you? Perseverance is an unending forward view of where you want your marriage to be while climbing over every distraction, crawling through every conflict, and pushing back every pain that keeps you from trying to achieve ONEness in your marriage. Are you committed to staying? Always?

The loyalty your marriage needs is not dependent upon the problem or the number of problems. It is dependent upon your genuine belief in what God wants of you and what God wants of your spouse. If you are hopeful your marriage will reach the state of “‘til death do us part,” then understand God supplies the strength to stay daily.

Your spouse needs to know - without a doubt - that you will be there when you are needed. Does your spouse know for sure that you will come? Can you be counted on, not just in a pinch, but in the “ditch” when matters are deep? Pray the Lord will keep you sensitive to your mate, pay attention, and be aware of when you are needed most by your spouse.