Keeping Your Faith Alive (47)

Worship is not something you do to avoid hell or prevent a church from withdrawing  your membership. Worship builds faith. Its original intent is to give honor and glory to God. It is not a part of your entertainment schedule. This is respectful reverence to THE Creator. Worship is homage declared to majesty. It is praising God above all gods. It is not a Sunday morning and evening time filler.

Worship’s motive is to give praise “in spirit and truth” (John 4:24) to the only God worthy of such adoration. It is not a combination of rituals God’s checking off to make sure we execute properly. Worship is pure, genuine offering of a heart dedicated to doing any and all things for the One who saved us.

Worship to our faith is like the mainspring to a watch. Take it out of your life, and faith diminishes and dies. Faith means nothing unless it can give praise to what it believes. Faith chooses to sing, give, teach, pray, and remember the Son of God sacrificed in partaking of the Lord’s supper. Faith attends and participates in these activities without excuse or expectation of receiving personal thanks for attending. Faith will worship like children who memorize the song “Jesus Loves Me.” They cannot wait to get to class or an assembly and sincerely love God with all their hearts with that song. They will belt out the words with love and honesty. After every time they sing that song, they cannot wait to assemble again and utter those words again. The more they sing it, the more they believe Jesus loves me. Worshipping like that is how you keep your faith alive. Learn what little children already understand.