Am I Beyond the Point of Correction?

2 Timothy 3:16 speaks of how “profitable” God’s inspired word is. One area of His inspired words many may disregard is “rebuke.” It happens to be profitable as well.


Rebuke” is God’s way of faithfully watching out for our well-being. He is like the doctor’s concern for a patient to cure the disease, not to please the patient. Is it not for medical correction that you go to the doctor? Although you may not like the diagnosis and the prescribed treatment, you allow the doctor to help improve your medical condition. You may experience discomfort and pain, but in due time the corrective treatment helps. Then, if anyone else in your family or a friend experiences the same illness, you are quick to recommend the doctor and how you are treated.


Why not consider the spiritual treatment of rebuke? Never believe you are beyond the point of correction. If so, you must be the only perfect person living. It is a wise person indeed who takes a rebuke and becomes better for it (Proverbs 28:23).