History of the Southside Church of Christ

The Southside Church had its beginning in December of 1968 in Burnside, Kentucky. Eight members of the Bourne Avenue Church of Christ, with the encouragement and backing of their faithful brethren, began the Burnside Church of Christ. The first meeting place was the old post office building on French Avenue, just north of the traffic light.

In June of 1969, Arthur M. Ogden and his family joined the work, moving here from Loveland, Ohio. Bro. Ogden became the local evangelist. The Ogdens had formerly worked with the Bourne Avenue Church during the years of 1962-1967. The Ogdens have been with the congregation since that time except for their time spent in Louisville, Kentucky with the Valley Station Church of Christ from 1984-1987.

After two years, the Burnside Church of Christ had grown an average attendance in the 40s, but as is so often true of young churches, immaturity and insecurity took their toll. By the fall of 1972, attendance dropped to the mid 20s. Only by the help of God and the strength which comes from dedication was the congregation spared certain death.

In the late fall of 1972, lots were purchased on which to erect a church building, and in January of 1973, plans were made to build. Since the congregation did not have sufficient numbers to secure a loan from local financial institutions, the congregation planned, printed, and sold its own Bond Issue to finance the building. The bonds sold within 24 hours.

On July 22, 1973, the church began meeting in their new building. The new and present location is three miles north of Burnside and in the Somerset area. For this reason, the congregation became the Southside Church of Christ. The average attendance was about 35.

The first 10 years at the new location saw many changes. Growth was immediate and constant. After 10 years, averages were in the 120-130 range. Spiritual growth was also in evidence. On January 5, 1975, three elders and four deacons were ordained to serve the congregation. The church has not been without elders and deacons since that time. Ten different men have served as elders: *Don Alexander, Orville Alexander, Don Carter, Derek Cimala, David Hurst, Glen Hurst. James Moss, Art Ogden, Al Ramsey, and *Mickey Ray. Twenty-one men have served as deacons: *Glen Absher, *Ron Absher, Don Alexander, Gerald Barnett, *Jeff Benge, Don Bloomer, Robert Brown, Henry Burdine, Derek Cimala, Marty Cooper, Quinton Gwin, *Barrett Harris, *Brad Harris, Rick Harris, Don Hunter, Lewis Miller, Bill Ponder, *Sam Price, *Michael Ray, Mickey Ray, and Darrell Swift. Two elders and seven deacons serve the congregation presently. The church has also been served by four evangelists: Arthur M. Ogden from 1969-1984 and 1987-1997, Jeff Knutilla from (1984-1987, David Hurst from 1998-2010, and *Shawn Bain from 2011-present.

The congregation has been actively involved in the support of many gospel preachers over the years. Presently, we are partially supporting 15 preachers in the United States and partially supporting 20 preachers in foreign countries.

The Southside congregation is blessed with dedicated men and women who sincerely wish to go to Heaven. The years have not been problem-free, but the dedication of sincere Christians has kept the congregation untied and strong.

We pray that the future will be as rewarding as the past. May God bless all to that end.

* - Denotes serving presently