May I See Your License?

If you were involved in an accident, the first thing a policeman may ask for is your license. In asking for your license, do you suppose he is asking for your license to see if you have permission to be in an accident? I doubt it. One thing he wants to see is if you have the authority to be driving. If not, particular punishments will be applied.

At our house as well as yours, mistakes are made. Glasses are knocked over and broken. A spilled picture of tea covers the floor. No great fuss is made. The mess is cleaned up. Apologies are made. Everything returns to normal. I doubt anyone asked, “Can I spill a glass of milk on the floor?” before they did it. “NO!” would probably be the answer if such a question were asked. We are not going to permit carelessness.  No one receives permission to turn over a bucket of paint. What we do is give words of caution not to spill, pour, or drop something on the floor and make a mess. In spite of the caution, mistakes are made. As a result, patience and mercy are extended.

1 John 2:1says, “My little children, these things write I unto you that ye may not sin. And if any man sin, we have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous”.  God is not giving you a license to sin. He is not advocating even one sin be committed.

If you could somehow make a request to God saying, “Lord, I have been a good person. I have not told a lie in twenty years. Can I just go out and have fun and tell one lie? Will you let me get by with this one time?”  Is God going to give you permission?  God admonishes us to be careful and will extend His mercy, if we become careless and wreck less with our lives, but He never gives permission to sin (Romans 6:1). Asking God for permission to sin does one thing. It gives place to the devil (Ephesians 4:26).