'Twas The Night Before Passover

’Twas the night before Passover and in the land, 

A few angry fellows plot killing a Man.

The people had followed this Man with great awe;

They knew they couldn’t deny what they saw.

He cared for the sick, fed the hungry, too 

They were helpless against Him — what could they do?

He answered their questions with wisdom exact;

The people would leave them, they had to act!

They conspired with some others to put Him to death;

even if it took ‘ti their own last breath!

They even paid one of His own to betray Him,

Thirty pieces of silver is what they would pay him.

They tried to trick Him with questions “sincere,”

But he heard in their hearts what men could not hear.

He answered them wisely and knew their intention,

They did not seek truth, they just wanted attention!

He gave opportunity for them to heed,

But onto rocky ground fell this seed.

They hardened their hearts and stopped their ears,

The truth of the gospel increased their fears.

They were certain their places would be lost to Him,

The solution was murder, and now it begins.

In the garden He prayed in deep sorrow and pain

Asking His Father, “If possible, refrain.

Not My will be done, but Thine always be.”

He knew He would suffer and hang on the tree.

He prayed so intently with sweat drops as blood,

He prayed ever fervent, but He understood.

Desiring to live, knowing He must die,

The time was quickly coming nigh.

While praying His followers fell into a trance;

When the soldiers came for Him, they had not a chance.

One drew his sword and cut off an ear, 

But Jesus, still caring, healed — and caused fear.

Arrested and bound, they led Him away,

Knowing that morning would bring the sad day.

They struck Him and questions, “Who did this thing?”

They mocked our dear Savior, and He they blasphemed.

They spat on Him, laughing, they made accusation;

This Man would soon die for all of the nation!

They led Him to Pilate to finish the deed;

They could not themselves — why that’s a decree!

“He stirs up the people! He claims He’s a king!

If something’s not done, it’s sure anarchy!”

“I find not a fault in Him,” Pilate went on,

“Judge Him yourselves! Quickly! Now be gone!”

They cried all more loudly, “Give us Barabbas!”

There’d be no rest until they crucified Jesus.

“Crucify! Crucify! Crucify Him! 

If you would spare him, you’re not Caesar’s friend!”

Pilate relented, and then washed his hands,

“I won’t be guilty of the blood of this Man!”

“His blood be upon us and all of our children!”

They shouted together in unholy union.

They led Him away, a robe the put on Him,

A thorny crowned weaved, they gave mocking allegiance.

They knelt down and further mocked, “Hail, King of Jews!”

And cruelly — ignorantly — Him they abused.

They spat on Him, beat Him and led Him away,

The most innocent One would give His life that day.

They nailed Him, so cruelly, onto the tree,

And placed Him up high for accusers to see.

They walked by, heads wagging, “Come down from the cross!

If you are the Christ, surely all is not lost!

Call on your God, then we’ll be believers! 

If you are the Christ, surely God will deliver!”

Jesus hung sadly, with not long to live,

He looked up to heaven, said, “Father, forgive.”

Our Savior then stared in the face of sure death,

And pleaded with God, then took his last breath.

“My God! My God! Why hast Thou left Me?!”

And then Jesus died in the middle of three.

No doubt Satan laughed and said, “I have won!”

He then thought he’d killed God’s very own Son.

He must have celebrated with reckless abandon,

Thinking he’d soon have the souls of all nations.

They took Jesus down and they laid in a tomb,

Disciples had gathered and met in a room.

Early on Sunday women went to His grave,

But found only linens where Jesus had lain.

“Why seek you the living here with the dead?

Yes, Jesus is risen! Just as He said!”

They couldn’t believe! And others must know!

The disciples were to whom they would now go.

The disciples did not believe what they had heard.

To say “Christ is risen!” Such wonderful words!

Indeed, He had risen, but soon He would leave,

“This truth you must preach to save those who believe.”

Yes, this is the story that we must all tell, 

How Jesus’ cruel death saved our souls from hell.

By rising He overcame death’s pow’rful sting,

God giving Him rule over everything.

Declared to be His Son — ruling supreme,

He waits for His loved ones whom He’s redeemed.

One day with a shout, we’ll meet Him in the air.

With others who’ve followed through death and despair.

He overcame death, leading us to be sure

That we can be like Him if we live as pure.

Satan defeated! The grave could not hold!

The vict’ry in Jesus — that story of old!

So remember Christ Jesus, but remember He died,

To allow us in heaven, with Him to abide.