Has This Ever Happened to You?

  • You went through an entire song service without even thinking about what you were singing.
  • You bowed your head and closed your eyes during the prayer, but you really didn’t become involved in the prayer.
  • You were more interested in when the preacher would finish the sermon than in what he was saying during the sermon.
  • You allowed some minor noise near you to completely upset you so that you could not really worship.

These and many other things often happen, don’t they? Here are some ways to avoid them:

  • Don’t come to services expecting to be entertained. This is not the purpose for our assemblies.
  • Be a participant rather than just a spectator.
  • Prepare yourself mentally when coming to worship.
  • Resolve that you are going to worship no matter what others do. There are many distractions, but was accept them. We do not condone noise in worship, but let us be determined that it will not keep us from worshiping.
  • Examine your motives for worshiping — and do so often. Doing things by habit can become a problem if we’re not careful.
  • Don’t think that services have to be conducted in new, innovative, or highly emotional ways to be meaningful.
  • Bring your Bible and follow references during the lesson.
  • Take notes during the sermon. The time will pass faster and you will retain more of the lesson.
  • Make a list of words in the songs which are unfamiliar to you and find their definition later.