Rooted In the Faith

In April of 1952, a landslide killed 11 people in Menton, France. This tragedy occurred because farmers replaced olive trees with carnations. Carnations were more profitable, but shallow rooted. Olive trees, while less profitable, possessed deep roots.

In the example above, the roots of the olive tree ran deep and tied multiple layers of soil together. Therefore, when the elements of weather, such as the wind and rain would come, those slopes remained intact. However, when the deep-rooted olive trees were removed and replaced with a shallower rooted plant, that stability was weakened, leading to a deadly landslide.

Spiritual erosion in the life of a Christian happens when the deep spiritual roots that are found in the Gospel of Jesus are replaced with things considered needful and more satisfying. If we are strong in the Lord, like the Psalmist writes, as a tree planted by the water that cannot be moved. 

We do not abruptly trade stability for instability. It is a process. Decisions made over time lead to weakening the deep roots that we have in Christ. These decisions may appear necessary and provide some form of satisfaction. However, they assist in diminishing the depth that we have in Christ. Therefore, when the storms of life come (and they will!) the erosion process begins. When temptation comes and we give in, the erosion process continues. When attacks on our faith come, the erosion process continues. After so much erosion takes place, in due time we find ourselves experiencing a spiritual landslide, which may be deadly. Growing deep spiritual roots is essential if we are to avoid the landslide that Satan has in mind for us. For our roots to remain strong, they must receive nourishment. God helps us, but he also expects us to help ourselves. 

As you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in him, rooted and built up in him and established int he faith, just as you were taught, abounding in thanksgiving.
Colossians 2.6-7


Bro. Dixon is a gospel preacher located in Richmond, Kentucky,  and supported by Southside.