What Says Our Sign?

A sign in the store window said, “Pants Pressed Here.” A man went in and put a pair of trousers on the counter. “I saw your sign, and I’d like these pressed, please,” he said. The clerk responded, “Oh, we don’t press pants here. We just paint signs.” Our sign says, “Church of Christ.” Are we what our sign says we are?

Are we seeking and saving the lost?

Are we compassionate toward the poor and downtrodden?

Do we worship in spirit and truth?

Do we love one another?

Are we born of the water and the Spirit?

Are we denying ungodliness and worldly lusts?

Do we have forgiving spirits?

Do we seek to put the kingdom first in our lives?

Do we show brotherly love to those who enter our building?

Do we seek to be lights in the community, for those who are walking in darkness?

Are we truly sowing the seed of the kingdom?

Can others see Christ living in us?

Are we truly “of Christ,” or do we just paint signs?