Donkey Talking

In Numbers 22, we find a man (Balaam) whose fury caused him to answer a talking donkey as if it were just a normal conversation, an everyday sort of thing. Anger can make us do strange things, just as strange as what Balaam did. For example, did you ever:

  • Get cut off by another driver in traffic, then yell at the driver who can’t hear you, abusing those in your own car who can hear you?
  • Yell at those who have nothing to do with the problem or trouble you are facing?
  • Tear up someTHING because you were mad at someONE?
  • Hurt yourself because you are angry over something?
  • Get so angry that you blame God for something that happened?
  • Let it continue until you lose touch with reality?

Are any of these things stranger than talking to a donkey?