More About Jesus (28)

It is easy to be misunderstood, even for Jesus, the Son of God. He was often misunderstood because of the heart condition of those who listened to him speak. They were either proud or indifferent. Some had such a hard time understanding, they walked away. Was it always the fault of the hearer? Did Jesus have a problem communicating properly?

We may have a problem in speaking our words clearly or putting our thoughts in order, but never struggled with this. Misunderstanding was not his fault. To make sure, Jesus approached his apostles asking, “Who say ye that I am?” (Mark 8:29). Peter replied, “Thou art the Christ.” Peter understood what others needed to see.

Misunderstanding Jesus should not be considered a matter of the expectation of his appearance or the companions who walked with him. Jesus’ teaching should be understood as what the Father, God, told him to speak (John 8:28). God has no intention of deceiving or misguiding anyone. The hearer needs to be ready for the truth when Jesus speaks. If it is something besides the truth we desire from the Lord, it is possible our hearts with coat themselves with something like worldliness, selfishness, and lusts. With that coating, it will be easy to misunderstand anything the Lord says.

Misunderstanding Christ and his church is a common occurrence today. Some understand the church to be a social, humanitarian, and political organization more than it being the kingdom of heaven. The church is not that complex and is not the world’s crutch in times of moral degradation, chaos, and disaster. The church is the pillar and ground of the truth. Its head is Christ. Its mission is saving souls. Its work is spiritual. Its destiny is heaven. That is not difficult to understand.

The lack of understanding Christ is summed up in one thought - a lack of reading and study with an open heart. Was the seed at fault because it failed to produce in all but one soil - the good ground (Matthew 13:18-23)? The problem was with the soil, not the seed. Plant the seed into good, open soil, and the ground will receive and bear fruit. Your heart and mine can do the same and produce understanding rather than misunderstanding.