What the Father Shows the Son

For the Father...showeth him all things
that he himself doeth...

John 5:20

“Look, Daddy!” is a common expression by every child wanting their daddy to watch what “amazing feat” he is about to perform. A child does not want only to gain his father’s attention, but his admiration for a wonderful attempt or a job well done.

How many times have you as a father said to  your son, “Look, son” or to your daughter, “Look, honey?” Maybe not as often as the times your child says, “Look, Daddy!” to you, but do you not have something you want to show your child? It is not how high you can jump or how far you can throw a softball. Do you not know and practice the good works God has appointed us to show forth in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation (Philippians 2:15)?

A father does not tell his child to look at him with a boastful heart. It is not to show how big you are, how hard you can hit, or how fast you can throw a ball. It is with confident humility that you demonstrate what God the Father has shown you. It was how Jesus learned obedience (Hebrews 5:8). Our Lord was shown “all things.” The later works of God which would be shown by Jesus would marvel all those who heard Jesus speak. What an amazing relationship God and Jesus had. His Son magnified the works of God and marveled the people.

Why do people comment saying, “My, what a good boy you are,” “What a nice girl you have been,” or “You have such a respectful child?” They marvel at the attitude and conduct of a child who has learned from his godly father the good works he has taught and illustrated in his life. That is the love of a father piercing the heart of his child to learn the precepts of God. In view of such negative and critical statements adults make about young people today, the world needs fathers who will show their child “all things” the God of heaven showed them. If they did, the statements said about young people might change. What an encouragement that would be for every parent attempting to train his child in the way of the Lord.