Safe Room

The name of the Lord is a strong tower;
the righteous run to it and are safe.

Proverbs 18:10

We were recently invited to some friends’ house for dinner. They were describing their bedroom closet as a “safe room.” It is a special place where this family could go for protection, should someone break into the house or a tornado pass through the area.

The above passage reminded God’s people of the heavenly Father as their “safe room,” and they could find total security in Him. So secure, they could run to Him to be safe from the enemy which might oppose them. Question is, would they run to God or run to their own way of security (i.e., their wealth, possessions, or position)?

In verses 10 and 11, there is a description of two types of security to which some people run. It is either the name of the Lord or wealth. The name or character of God is described as a “strong tower.” Complete safely would always be found in the Lord. He would never fall them. He would always protect them. He would continually be their refuge. 

The source of security some imagined was in their riches. This offered them the highest point of safety. The wise man seeks to tell them money might give a sense of security, but it would be false security which would lead to laziness, pride, and destruction. Matthew 6:19,20 speaks of wealth’s fleeting, unstable, and short-lived quality. Some have experience having their wealth taken, burned, and lose its value. Saddened by their loss, they have no security. When their wealth is gone, what do they have to support them in the fight against temptation, trials, persecution, evil, and immorality? They have nothing!

The people who humbly find their complete security in the unchanging and holy character of God find true safety. He becomes their “safe room” in the times of sadness, disappointment, or trial. Whatever you have leaned upon or learned to depend upon when the challenges of life reach a height or such a heavy load you cannot carry any longer, run to the “strong tower.” Depend upon the Lord daily and find a high point of safety in the “safe room” of His name. It is easier to trust in what our eyes can see, but God asks us to look to Him for our constant and ever-present security. His name is our “safe room.”