Keeping Your Faith Alive (34)

One man said, “If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.” It is certainly true that we cannot do everything, but we can do something. However, we think the “something” we do has to be big, gigantic, and colossal. Bigger is not always better. This world may love bigness in large, economy sizes, extra legroom and headroom, and supersized meals. However, making a difference, being an influence, and doing good does not have to be on a grand scale.

God parted the Red Sea and created the universe with the words of His mouth, but He also used a small army to defeat the mighty Midianites and fed a whole multitude from one boy’s small lunch.

Mothers at home are not witnessed by the world as contributing much to the labor force of the world, but they are training children with attitudes, values, and character which an employer will love to have work for him someday. Fathers who never coach their child’s sports team or run for political office will teach a child to obey the truth of God and become the next elder or Bible class teacher.

Where you are is where you need to be. Do not measure your success by how big your business, possessions, or position is. It is not how well you are appreciated by the world or your place on the front page of the paper that matters. God is not impressed with bigness. He loves humility. He is interested in your life and the faithful steps you take toward working for Him each day. Believe in what God has done, is doing, and will do through you. Trust that what you do He will carry further than you may ever travel in life for generations to come.