Cleaning Out Your Files

A certain businessman was notorious for saving almost everything that came across his desk - especially correspondence. Consequently, the files in his office were bulging. One day, his secretary asked permission to dispose of all the old, useless material. The man was reluctant, but finally said, “Well, all right, but be sure you make a copy of everything before you throw it away.”

If a person wants forgiveness, do you believe they would want to hold on to the “old sin files?” Some Christians handle their sins that way. They cannot let go. They know Jesus paid the penalty, but somehow they cannot let go of the guilt. It is as if Christ’s suffering availed nothing. His pain and agony for sin was not enough. Some people feel the need to contribute to their own anguish and continually mourn over their futures. They want to “keep copies” of everything they have done. How foolish!

Philippians 3:13-16 makes some very pointed statements to how Paul did not want to hold on to the past. He knew what Jesus accomplished fully in His death. In the Lord’s death, the price for sins was paid - IN FULL. From Paul’s obedience to obey Christ and live for Him, he was not going to let the memory of earlier days become a vivid recording to watch and listen to over and over again with regret and anxiety. They would not weigh him down.

Instead of cluttering his/her mind with the past, every Christian needs to fill his/her mind on the work of the future. The Lord forgives our sins and remembers them no more. Why should we? As one man said, “Guilt is a burden God never intended His children to bear.” Do not make copies of your sins. Let them be forgiven.