For His Eyes Only

Your Father who sees in secret
will reward you openly.

Matthew 6:18

Typically, as we age, we lose our prominence and positions of influence. A younger or middle-aged person is more likely to be considered not only for job opportunities, but ability as well. It appears the older you are, the more likely you fade into the shadows.

Fading into the shadows is not a bad thing. People still remember what you said, did, or thought. We have made impressions upon others that often last longer than we do. We fret over the extent to which our reputations are being enhanced or damaged. Within that fear, we often seek human recognition, and we often let go of God’s approval. If we were to lose the admiration of men and women, would it turn us to seek God’s approval only?

Here is a test for all the gifts, prayers, counsels, and even fasts in which you may have engaged: Are they done for God’s eyes only? If so, though overlooked and unnoticed by others, you have your Father’s acknowledgment and reward. One item we must remember is making sure our motives are pure. Seeking the honor and glory of men is what caused some people not to confess in Jesus (John 12:42,43).

Remember this: Three times Jesus repeated to His disciples, “Your Father who sees in secret will reward you” (Matthew 6:4,6,18). This is our assurance. Every unobserved gift of time, energy, love, counsel, or deed; every petition we whisper into our Father’s ears; every secret, inward successful struggle against sin and self-indulgence will be fully rewarded in due time. In the end, His “well done, good and faithful servant” is all that will matter (Matthew 25:21).