Keeping Your Faith Alive (33)

When we think of God, it is often at the amazement of events like the crossing of the Red Sea, the resurrection of Christ, the rising and setting of the sun, the change of the seasons, or the burning bush. Why not consider the birth of a baby?

A helpless child held in your arms can create awe in the heart for a God who wonderfully made us. A baby’s dependence upon all those around him is a minute-by-minute need. No infant can learn, understand, and grow without the ones who love and provide for him.

Every child of God should humble himself every day, every hour to his need for God to help him learn, understand, and grow. Without Him, we are nothing. Without Him, there is no hope. Without Him, there is no life.

This is why God sent a child, born in Bethlehem. He gave us an opportunity to see in Jesus faith in action (James 2:14-26). Our Lord was given and chose to walk a difficult, humble road. He would know our experiences, understand our hurts, and realize the ambush of temptation. As a result, Christ knows our experiences, needs, emotions, and humanity. He tread the road we would walk.

When you look at a newborn baby, you may ponder the child’s spiritual future. Although evil exists in this world, that baby’s faith can be planted, rooted, and grown in the same word you learned as a child (2 Timothy 3:15).