Between Sundays

Whatsoever ye do,
work heartily as unto the Lord,
and not unto men...

Colossians 3:23

What do you do between Sundays after you meet with Christians to worship God? Most Christians are not engages in a professional ministry. They do not preach. They are not members of church staffs. They are not volunteers for charitable organizations. They do not plan nonprofit events to raise money for worthy causes.

Their time between Sundays is spent doing jobs they do not seem to believe has anything to do with spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. Therefore, some believers may view themselves as second-class disciples. Even as a teacher of Bible classes, they view their contributions as minor.

How many Christians in the New Testament thought that when they saw the apostles and their work? When the slaves in Colossae received this letter or someone read the letter to them, what would they have understood after hearing Colossians 3:22-25?

One thing would be very obvious. Serving their masters was service to the Lord Christ (v. 24). They are exhorted to do their work “in singleness of heart, fearing the Lord” (v. 22). Their work of cooking, cleaning, or washing was an important ministry. The service they gave to their masters who only gave instructions all day was important. The attitude they showed in the midst of work was under the watchful eye of God.

If God’s purposes in this world are to be fulfilled, we need a structured society. We need a place to live, work, and function. With all the activities in which we are involved, we are disciples always. We are people who work as servants of the Lord Jesus Christ. Whether we know it or not, our employers are carrying out God’s good purposes. They give us a blessed opportunity to fulfill an assigned task that is not sinful or unethical.

Mothers at home need to understand this as well. View your daily work - whatever it is - with your children as a God-given assignment to train, illustrate, and guide. It is your work for God in His world. Others will be glad you were there. You will also find there is no better place to spread the good news of salvation than right where God has placed you, wherever that is.

Our humble spirit should say, “Teach me, my God, in all things, and what I do in anything, may I do it as for Thee.