More About Jesus (20)

When Jesus was lifted up into heaven (Acts 1:10,11), He did not leave any traces of himself on earth. He did not write any books or articles. He did not marry, have children, and begin a dynasty. He did not leave a “homeplace” or garments to be used for a museum.

The traces of Jesus left on the earth were found in the lives of those He taught, healed, and comforted. Yes, He did reveal to the apostles the word of God, but His light shone in those who prophesied of Him and taught His message to others. This was by design. He could have lived on earth longer. He could be on earth today, but the reason He is not here is the same for why He left them - “to your advantage” (John 16:7). It is to put Him in our hearts and let Him live on earth through us. By this means we are able to bring glory to the Father by those who see our good works (Matthew 5:16).