Can It Get Any Worse?

Recently I sent out an evaluation form for some Christians who were married to complete and send back to me. One of the questions asked was to circle three areas in which you and your spouse are at lease compatible. The areas listed were financial, spiritual, sexual, affection, communication, and parenting. One response I received had all of those sited as areas where they were least compatible with their spouse. Also, with each of those areas, the respondent stated, “I wish…,” “I long for…,” “I pray for…,” “I hope for…,” “I cringe because of the lack of…” How would you respond to the same question?

Giving and receiving rings does not define ONEness in marriage. Personal responsibility, unconditional love, and common values are what make up a ONEness marriage.You may long for, wish for, pray for, and hope for things to improve in your marriage, but until your heart has the spirit of ONEness, your marriage will be nothing more than giving and receiving rings.

The above respondent probably thinks, “How can it get any worse?” The answer is: It can - in the form of hostility, loneliness, bitterness, separation, emotional affliction, and divorce. This is just a short list. Does anyone married ever dream or intentionally plan for their marriage to disintegrate right in front of their eyes? Of course not! That is the farthest thing from their mind.

The answer to a hopeless, “Can it get any worse?”, “We’re not compatible in any area” marriage is HOPE. Regardless of how bad you may believe the circumstances in your marriage are, it can be better. For those who have a “semi-conscious,” “okay,” or “tolerable marriage, there is hope for you as well. What? Where? How? Genesis 2:18-25. BELIEVE in God’s design, instructions, and ability to sustain your marriage. If you believe God can raise His Son from the dead, you need to step into God’s way of resurrecting your marriage. BELIEVE in Psalm 127:1. Let God build you and your marriage. BELIEVE in Ephesians 4:22-24. God can create within you and your spouse a “new marriage” to the same person. Until you BELIEVE, hope for your marriage will always be what you long for, wish for, pray for, and cringe because of the lack of.