Thy WILL Be Done


The will of God is a sign of rule, which is surpassed by none other. It is the guidance of wisdom and the admonition of a Father unto His children.

The exaltation of His will establishes an object of worship and affection for all mankind. He alone is worth all homage given. No other deserves obedience but Him.

The acceptance of His will is not optional, nor secondary. Therefore, everything His will sends, promises, or establishes will not be broken or removed by the craftiness of Satan or the philosophy of men.

Abiding in His will is the objective of Him who established it. It is to be adored, revered, and practiced. The result of adhering to His will builds character and provides hope and joy. The abiding of His will should be understood as a reliable guide in this generation and the next. It is not a changing will that adjusts to culture. His will is firm, consistent, and profitable for every generation (Deuteronomy 6:24,25).