God's Way Of Thinking


James 3:13-18 provides a contrast of two kinds of wisdom. One is earthly and is dominated by envy and selfish ambition (v. 14). Such thinking results in chaos and “every vile deed” (v. 16). The other wisdom is heavenly in origin and is marked by a life of mercy, goodness, purity, peace, gentleness, goodness, and is genuine (vv. 17,18). 

To know which wisdom is best, try both on your marriage, children, job, school, or brethren. See which one divides a relationship and which one keeps a relationship strong. When there is a problem in a relationship, which one provides a resolution and which one increases trouble? Which wisdom supplies more joy, hope, and understanding in a relationship?

A teacher once asked a Bible class how you could apply heavenly wisdom to a troubled relationship. One woman said, “I was resentful to another Christian because they did something to me one time that hurt me. I was angry and jealous, because it did not seem to bother them that it bothered me. Then a Christian showed me how I was thinking. With God’s help, I confessed my anger and jealousy. God helped me put those feelings aside, and I have been at peace ever since.”

Wrong thinking that is full of envy and resentment makes life miserable. Read and meditate on James 3:17. It is a guide to God’s way of thinking.