More About Jesus...


People involve themselves in different activities in life from sports to business to crossword puzzles because of the challenge. Challenges often improve our lives by character and service.

1 Peter 3:15 challenges us to sanctify Christ in our hearts. This means Christ will be first in our hearts. Unless He is, there is no hope for which we can testify with meekness and fear. Unless He is, we will not be prepared to defend our faith. Is the Lord set apart that much in your life? His ambassadors are those of us who are Christians. Our representation and conviction in Him is the impression others have of the Lord and his church. Placing Jesus as No. 1 in our lives is more than a mouthful of testimonies and an index finger pointing to the heavens. It is a lifestyle molded into the type of character which joyfully, thankfully, and faithfully performs our daily duties for Him.

The challenge we have this week and every week is keeping Christ in the position He was “set apart” for at the time we first obeyed. Will we accept the challenge?