The State Of Your Union


The president of this country presents his annual address to the country on the state of the union. He gives us details about where the nation has been, is, and the goals he has for the future. Some may criticize his past, the present circumstances, and his future goals and how to achieve those goals. You must respect him if he admits his mistakes of the past, knows things now are not what they could be, and then embarks on a play which he believes will bring about improvements, progress, and benefits to all. You would especially praise him if the plan works.

What is the state of your marriage? You may describe it as okay, good, great, alright, could be better, not bad, not like others I know, not as good as it could be, better than it was five years ago, or “if only he/she would ________, our marriage would be better”.

You may be critical and fault-finding with your marriage. You might admit the mistakes of the past and know the present is not what it should be, but what are your plans and purposes for your marriage in the future? What are the chances it gets better? What are the chances your marriage fails? Will you term your marriage as “existing”, “tolerable”, or something you will have to “live with”?

The state of some marriage unions is scary. By the way some husbands and wives among Christians treat one another, how do they survive? They “fight”, slander each other, lack spirituality, and lack affection. Some are so “distant”, he does his thing, she does hers. The only thing they have in common is a bed and a house.

Marriages among those couples who are Christian need to return, not to the day of their wedding, but to the day of their first “wedding”. The one God created and designed. Have you really read, reviewed, meditated, and put into practice God’s plan and the things that (1) make marriage, (2) benefit marriage, and (3) improve marriage? Go read and reread Genesis 2:18-25 until you understand why God gave marriage to man, and His purpose for you in your marriage. Your marriage is not only a union. It is a spiritual covenant. It is a reflection of God. It is a sacred relationship. Unless God is THE priority of your marriage, your marriage will never reach the level of growth, intimacy, love and completeness God designed for your marriage to achieve.