“Grow” is an interesting thought. If something is not growing, it must be dead. That is a good thing when it comes to a virus or disease. No one wants infection to grow. It is best dead. 

The truth about “grow” is, it does not stand still. It is not dormant. It does not stop half way. It will not stop short. “Grow” must keep on growing. It is always advancing.

At the point growth stops, everything becomes barren, stale, hollow, dies, and rots. Are you growing in Christ? You should be. There should be signs of growth from knowledge to love to zeal to goodness to hospitality to conviction. If you are not growing, you are idle and unfruitful. Are you prepared to be “cast forth as a branch”, “gathered” and “cast into the fire” (John 15:6)? Do you not think you better grow?