A warden is disturbed because there are 800 inmates in a prison designed to house 600. A school principal cannot accept any more students because he has 900 students in a school built to teach 750. The same scenario holds true for any other facility which is at capacity or exceeds the maximum requirements.

How many churches are experiencing the problem of overcrowding? How many are at capacity and cannot accept any new members? How many are siting people at worship service in the aisle or around the pulpit area because the pews are full? Some may have this problem, but friend, many would love to have to deal with over-crowdedness in the church.

Why is over-crowdedness not a problem for the church in most areas? Why are people not calling on the phone, writing letters, or begging to be allowed in by saying, “Can’t you just take one more?” Jesus had “great multitudes...pressing on him” (Luke 5:1) to hear what he had to say. Why are there not great crowds waiting outside the doors of church buildings across this land to hear the powerful message of the gospel (Romans 1:16)?

Jesus said, “For many are called, but few chosen” (Matthew 22:14). There is always a vacancy in the Lord’s kingdom to be filled by an individual who is willing to follow him. Jesus can take one more. It depends on your heart. If your heart has its affections set on what this world has to offer, there is no need to worry about overcrowded church buildings. If your heart and others understood the real value of a life of righteousness, then buildings where the truth is taught would be overflowing.

The reason overcrowding is not experienced in every church is due to the crowd most folks follow. Many are known to feel comfortable warming their hands at a fire with the crowd who will “crucify” Jesus by their mouths, dress, conduct, evil deeds, and lack of respect for authority. Few want to be involved with a crowd who loves God and attends a worship assembly where others are trying to faithfully serve the Lord.

The question is, do church members love the crowd (church) of which they are a part? What has happened to edifying, brotherly kindness, and hospitality among saints of God? Could it be the apathy of many Christians deters any hope of overcrowding?

Which crowd will you be a part of in the end? Matthew 7:14,15 implies the way of life will not be overcrowded because the gate is narrow. The way to destruction will be packed with people, because so many choose a lifestyle free from boundaries. They make up their “own righteousness” (Romans 10:3). Heaven will not reach capacity. Many may beg to enter. Only the faithful will be taken. Will you be among the few?