What Is So Great About Being A Christian?


The letters of the apostle Paul often contain the phrase “in Christ”. He spoke of this to those who already were Christians and needed some encouragement to remain faithful to their belief. He spoke of being “in Christ” to commend them for their diligent service to God in the midst of trial and suffering. He mentioned the importance of being “in Christ” to those who were not even Christians (Acts 24:24,25). Paul also used this phrase often to describe his life. A life that was dramatically reversed and blessed. Therefore, this message of being “in Christ” burned in his soul.

How and why does he do this? His enthusiasm for being “n Christ” is no different than the person who has just been cured of a previously fatal disease. Paul tells “his story” with the same intensity as one who is recovering from drug addiction. He persuades hundreds as a speaker at a seminar would on the benefits of a particular diet program. Paul’s maturity serves only to deepen his understanding of and passion for Christ as would a Rainbow vacuum cleaner salesman who has 20 years experience in the business. Paul knows it is great to be a Christian.

In the book of Romans, Paul proposes some reasons for being a Christian:

1. As Christians, we see ourselves as we really are. In the first three chapters, Paul states the indisputable fact of the sinfulness of man. No one is exempt (Romans 3:230. He points out that sin is a result of human rebellion and an establishment of one’s own “belief system”. Paul gets us to own up to the facts. Who wants to be blinded or deceived about the way things really are? Why kid ourselves? We need this self-examining honesty as part of our character or else we will walk right into hell, because we held our head up so high thinking something was wrong with everyone else and not me.

2. As Christians, we understand and appreciate God’s grace. We are really in need of being saved. What price are you willing to pay? There is nothing we can really offer except our sinful selves. God had to pay the price we could not come up with. It was the price of a Son, an only Son, for helpless, sinful, ungodly enemies - You and I. Those who obey are the workmanship of God’s grace (Ephesians 2:10). It is a great thing to see God’s grace work to save those who know they need help. Do you appreciate all God’s grace can do for you (Romans 5:12-21)?

3. As Christians, we have life and direction from Christ in the Spirit. John 8:32 says the truth shall make you free. That truth is the key to us remaining “in Christ”. Not only does being “in Christ” bring freedom and a new life, it provides opportunities to continue living a life where one is “free” to do the right thing. Galatians 5:22,23 lists the “fruit of the Spirit” and if applied, “against such there is no law.” God helps the Christian avoid getting into trouble with Him or anyone else by showing us the things we can do. It is great being a Christian when you believe in a certain way and no law opposes it.