Keeping Faith Alive (5): Esteem Right Living


If we are morally conscious and have a god heart, the choice is not hard when it comes to good or evil, right or wrong, and blessing or cursing.

Put a more personal perspective on your faith. How can you grow closer to God if you are busy doing things that hurt Him, you, and others? Faith cannot live in a heart that enjoys living for Satan and the world rather than God.

God developed a wise, divine code of conduct. Its intent is to steer us away from evil and toward righteousness and keep us out of harm’s way. The people in the world may resist us if we live right, but we will not have to endure the heartache they experience by an ungodly lifestyle.

Let us walk becomingly…” (Romans 13:13). Determine now, today, to resist those things that are opposed to God’s rules of conduct. Avoid the places and people where the temptation to do wrong exists. “A ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Give God a chance to work in your life by choosing to follow “His thoughts” (Isaiah 55:6-9) rather than your own thoughts. Keep His word hidden in your heart that you might not sin against Him (Genesis 39:9; Psalm 119:11).