Being Narrow Or Being Right


If you read Matthew 7:13,14, it describes a choice of ways, paths, or roads man can travel. There is a narrow gate to enter and a wide gate to enter. The wide gate leads to destruction. The narrow gate leads to life. The choice of which gate to enter is not difficult. We all want life, but the problem comes from not living the narrow life.

A narrow life has limitations, restrictions, and discipline. This is very descriptive of what the life of a Christian is. Why would you expect the life of a Christian to be anything other than restrictive, challenging, and regulating? Although, it does not mean every day is difficult. There is joy and every spiritual blessing in Christ.

When you consider the characters in the Bible whose lives were blessed by God, what kind of people were they – narrow or right? They were both. Their thinking was in line with what God wanted. They were not thinking about themselves. They were striving to please God. That did not eliminate the difficulties of life. It meant their God-directed life would not be a life of ease, but a life of responsibility and accountability.

If being narrow in thinking and belief of the truth of the scriptures is right, there is no shame in being “narrow-minded”. Those who insist on being “broad-minded” are the ones who teach people to attend the “church of their choice” or “do what they think is right”. To accuse a member of the church Jesus built as “being narrow” is to accuse Jesus Christ and the inspired apostles and writers of the New Testament of being narrow.