My Spouse Is Not My Enemy


Looking at the above statement, some may think, “I never consider my spouse my enemy”. Really. How about subconsciously when there has been a conflict or a need goes unfulfilled? No one ever considers their mate an enemy until a difference comes to the surface. Those differences should not be where we turn toward isolation but turn toward one another. You should be able to see each other differently. Commit yourself to understanding those differences. Address long-time unresolved, silent, stuffed conflict with the hope of working on forgiveness and growth in your marriage together. Learn that your mate is not your enemy. You are actually made complete with one another. To consider your mate your enemy makes God your enemy as well, because He made each of you and you found one another…

If you consider the words “My mate is not my enemy” it will change the way you look at your marriage (Amos 3:3).