Are You Trained To Discern Good And Evil?


A contractor with years of experience could go through a house just built and be able to detect a good, quality job verses flawed workmanship. A seamstress with years of training can look at a dress and immediately detect quality material and stitching.  You would expect those who have been trained in a particular area of expertise to know the difference between good work and bad work.

It surprises me to see people who call themselves Christians for several years fail to detect good from evil. Why do people begin to call good evil and evil good (Isaiah 5:20)? Hebrews 5:11-14 gives three reasons.

(1) People are “dull of hearing” (v.11). People have closed their mind to spiritual things and focus more on the pleasures of life. 

(2)  Many are “without experience of the word” (v.13). People do not know what the Bible says. They know what their friends say and what the world tells them more than what God tells them. 

(3) Fail to exercise (v.14). People fail to exercise (act) upon what they know to be the truth.  If we know what is good and fail to do it, it is sin (James 4:17). We are as wrong not doing the good as we are by engaging in the bad.

If you are having trouble deciding what is good or evil, open your mind to the word of God. Exercise what is right. The world needs more experience when it comes to right and wrong. God calls upon you to fill that position…