"Jesus Calls Us O'er The Tumult"

One day a preacher was talking to a man who was supposed to be a Christian. The man told the preacher that he went to church services “most of the time,” and seemed to think this put him in good standing with God. Many people fall into that same category. They assemble every now and then, yet consider themselves faithful to God.

But consider a few things that we might put into that same perspective and then see what conclusions we might draw…

  • What if a husband was faithful to his wife (or a wife faithful to her husband) most of the time?
  • What if your car started most of the time?
  • What if your heart beat most of the time?
  • What if your children obeyed you most of the time?
  • What if you received your paycheck most of the time?

What are your conclusions about these things? Would that husband or wife be considered faithful? Would you be satisfied with that car? Would you worry about your heart? Would you agree that these represent examples of faithfulness? If not, then why should one think he could please God by being faithful some of the time? Jesus calls for commitment (Matthew 16.24). This commitment is not part=-time (Luke 9.23). He asks us to count the cost and follow him (Luke 14.26-33). He said that once we put our hand to the plow, we are not to look back (Luke 9.62). Jesus calls us, saying, “Christian, follow me…faithfully.”