Brotherly Judgment

Ten Rules for Improving the Church and Cooperation Among Members

  1. Tell yourself over and over that since you are not perfect, you would not fit into a perfect congregation if one existed.
  2. Instead of picking out the worldly members to point to, pick out the sincere, educated, spiritual members, and thank God for them. You will find what you seek.
  3. If you are old, treat the young with the consideration you desired as a young person. If you are young, treat adults with the respect you will want when you mature.
  4. When you are tempted to criticize others, be sure to pray earnestly for them first. This may not totally change them, but it will do wonders for your attitude.
  5. When you see a work being neglected, instead of being critical, offer to help.
  6. Never, never blame others for your own failure. Every individual can be fruitful in spite of the bad examples and discouraging attitudes of others if he is determined to be.
  7. Remind yourself every day that the only way you can improve the world and the church is to begin with self.
  8. Consciously look for the good qualities in every brother and sister in Christ. When you think of a brother or sister, make a quick mental note of the good points each possesses.
  9. Constantly strive to increase your circle of associates in the church. Try to do something good for each.
  10. Every church has problems. Constantly ask yourself, “Am I a part of the problem or part of the solution?”

Before you criticize someone

you should walk a mile in his shoes;

that way when you criticize him,

you are a mile from him

and you have his shoes.