Where is the Body Commitment

No body part yells out in rebellion to your brain saying, “I am not doing what you want me to do! I refuse! You can’t make me!” This never happens. Each part complies with the signal sent to it from above (the head). There is no refusal by a body part, unless the brain stops it. There is no action by a body part, unless the head sends the message.

Commitment in the body of Christ is developed through Biblical instruction. Jesus said in Revelation 3.18, “I counsel you.” The Laodiceans, members of a lukewarm church, would have known the responsibilities they had in the body by taking heed to the “counsel” given by the Spirit. The scriptures defined each member’s function and gave every member ample information to know how God is glorified in the church. The problem? The body parts were not listening and obeying the message sent by the head, Jesus Christ. They listened to more of what they wanted from the world than from what Jesus wanted of them - commitment and work in the kingdom.

The kind of biblical instruction which will enable us to build strong commitment is: 

Keep stressing the doctrine of salvation. Though we may not like to hear biblical themes repeated over and over, salvation is a repetitive theme throughout the Bible. It is “a pearl of great price” (Matthew 13.46). Grace needs to be constantly spoken into the ears of Christians. God’s promises need more emphasis and trust. Purity has to be placed as a priority in an immoral world. Patient perseverance is to be continually declared as a mainstay in every Christian’s life.

Hold spiritual heroes high. Hebrews 11 is a motivating chapter to show how people in the past had commitment, even unto death. No one will mentor your spirit more toward wisdom than a Bible character. Paul used the words, “press toward the mark” (Philippians 3.14) to paint an image of a goal reached by those who sacrifice, suffer, take risks, devote themselves, and love what they do.

Warn of the evils of the world. Compromising with the world, deadening commitment, and yielding to an easy, temporary, quick pleasure does not have the lasting impact as a fruit of the Spirit. Warnings may drive some away, but the unchangeable promises of Galatians 6.7-8 yield exactly what is promised. Sowing to the flesh reaps corruption. Sowing to the Spirit reaps everlasting life. What Romans 12.1-2 says is not only the trust, it makes sense. A corrupted mind in the body of Christ cannot be committed to what is good and acceptable to God. Let’s heed the signals from the head and be the body parts God designed us to be.