Hey Pretender shut up the
kingdom of heaven
against men...

Matthew 23:13

When a waitress in Ohio asked to see a customer’s driver’s license, she was shocked when she saw the photo on the ID. It was a picture of her! The waitress had lost her driver’s license a month earlier, and this young woman was using it so she would have “proof” she was old enough to drink alcohol. The waitress immediately called the police, and the customer was arrested for identity theft. Trying to get what she wanted, the young woman pretended to be someone she was not.

Jacob did that. He did some pretending in front of his dying father. With his mother Rebekah’s help, he fooled his father into believing he was his brother Esau. This was how he could gain the blessing meant for the eldest son (Genesis 27). Jacob got caught after his deceitful act, and it was too late for Esau to receive the blessing.

Pretending goes on a lot around Halloween. People attempt to look and sometimes act like other characters. One of the most prevalent places pretending occurs is in church. People put on false fronts. They say the right words, attend church almost every Sunday, maybe pray before meals, read their Bibles in class, and greet people with a smile. They pretend they “have it all together.” They put on that “stained-glass,” “spit-shined” look for everyone to admire and put everyone’s mind at ease as if nothing is wrong. Some do this to avoid questioning of their immoral characters. Others do it to prevent people from knowing how broken, guilty, fearful, and doubting they have become.

If there is something wrong, and you pretend all is well, you do your own self harm. You may have succeeded in “acting,” but it is you who hurts most. Instead of hiding and covering up, confess and repent. If your life is in disarray, why keep living two separate lives and make others think you are okay? Be what God INTENDS for you to be! Do not PRETEND anymore! Seek diligently to God who can transform you into His workmanship. Seek help from fellow Christians who can support, pray for, and exhort you. Stop playing a game you will never win.