Mixing-Bowl Meditations

The things which are impossible with men
are possible with God.

Luke 18:27

Countless times, I have heard women say, “I am going to bake a cake.” Do they bake the cake or is it the oven that bakes the cake? The baker simply mixes the right ingredients and allows the oven to do its part. With the baker mixing the ingredients and oven heating up the mixture, both labor to produce a delicious cake for others to taste and enjoy.

The process of “cake baking” helps clarify a dilemma when it comes to having a Bible study. Having a Bible study by bringing family or friends together is one thing, but seeing them believe and follow Christ is another. Sometimes, you wish people would respond soon. You feel powerless, because it appears they understand, yet they fail to obey. Suddenly, you can see the obvious. Like baking cakes, making Christians is impossible for us, but not for God. You can blend the right ingredients: an open home, friendship, love, and the Bible. After that, you have to trust the Holy Spirit, through His Word, to do His work. When you do your work and let the Holy Spirit do His, you can experience the joy of seeing others taste of God’s goodness through their obedience.

In Luke 18:18-27, Jesus’ conversation with the ruler vividly described some hindrances to saving faith that His listeners began to wonder if anyone could be saved. Do you feel that way about someone? Our mission is to sow the seed wherever we may go. We can labor for the results, but let God do His work as well. The harvest will come. There are some things only God can do. Saving people is one of them. He is the only one who can transform a person’s heart. Do your part and let God do His!