More About Jesus (20)

Jesus is described in Revelation 3:14 as “the faith and true witness.” Such a description defines the deeds and the words of our Lord. If Jesus is to be believed, it is essential for Him to be reliable.

FAITHFUL speaks of how dependable and constant He is. He is forever loyal. Therefore, we can completely - without reservation - trust Him, without the fear of disappointment. Always there, present, available, and near are the words describing the faithfulness of Christ. Our Lord never runs away. It is we who run away from Him.

TRUE tells us He is certain and genuine (John 14:6). There is no deception or falsehood connected with Him. He is real and genuine. He can conceive of no lie. Not even a hint of error can be detected in His words. That is why the Bible can be searched and studied. Scripture contains accurate and clear affirmations of God and His plan. Instead of picking it apart, pick up the Bible and read it.