More About Jesus (18)


Think for a moment about the “Showdown in the Desert,” when Satan met Jesus and tempted Him three times.

This was a perfect time to show Satan he had met his match. This was the time to eliminate evil and destroy the wickedness which had already plagued man. Jesus forsook the ultimate opportunity to finally wipe out the control of “the spiritual host of darkness.” It would have made life for man much better, less stressful, and more pleasant.

Instead, Jesus let evil continue to work even until now. WHY? He gave man an illustration in himself of goodness, grace, love, and hope. Jesus showed man how such could grow in his life. Man would want ti. He would resist the temptations of Satan and turn toward His righteousness. If man would do so, Satan would flee (James 4:7). It appears as though the choice is easy. When you have a decision between good and bad, surely everyone will turn toward the good.

What Satan did was match the good, love, and hope of the Lord with his own demonstrations by showing man his own version of good, love, and hope by presenting man with pleasures, lust, and dreams. He has attracted so many people to what they can see, touch, and taste. With millions adoring what he provides, he has become to be known as “the god of this world” (2 Corinthians 4:4).

Through the writings of Paul in Galatians 5, we are told the battle between Jesus and Satan is between flesh and spirit. There is a list of works of the lfesh and fruit of the Spirit mentioned in vv. 19-23. Which side we should choose seems obvious. Which side we will choose may not be as easy. The Lord has shown us how to overcome evil. Why not overcome evil with the good He has shown us (Romans 12:21).